Procaine hydrochloric suppier in China (+8619930504644 whatsup) wickr:

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Procaine hydrochloric suppier in China (+8619930504644 whatsup) wickr:Summerhao
We are procaine hcl supplier in China , procaine hydrochloric is hot sales . we have bulk in stock now, 25kg in a drum. But we can sell it at any kgs. Procaine safe delivery and top quality. Many clients like our quality and regular to order.
Lidocaine hcl /base
Benzocaine hcl / base
Tetrcaine hcl / base
Tetramisole hc
Levamisole hcl
Boric acid
All are top quality and bulk in stock now. We can delivery procaine hcl or other items at once. Pictures can be provided with your name or date. If you want to find procaine hcl supplier / seller / distributor, you can let call me
Whastapp+86 19930504644
Wickr: summerhao

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summer lee
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